Reno Omokri reacts to Sheikh Gumi statement

Reno Omokri has reacted to the statement Sheikh Gumi made on Channel TV in defence of bandits. He asked why Nigerians will allow Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gum appear on TV.

Sheikh Gumi had said bandits do not kill people and for those who have killed so far, it was “accidental”. Gumi added that when bandits attack communities and burn houses, it is done in revenge and it’s an ethnic issue, not a criminal issue.

In reaction to Gumi’s statement, Reno wrote on Instagram: “We must be mad as a nation, when a character like Sheikh Gumi, will come on national TV and say herdsmen don’t kill, and if they do, it is “accidental”.

“This is the same man caught on camera telling herdsmen that it is Christian soldiers that are killing them to “ignite crisis”. The man did not even apologise for telling that lie. Gumi is not a negotiator for herdsmen. He is an enabler!

“If I tell you a joke, you will laugh. If I repeat it, you may still laugh. If I repeat it a 3rd time, you will think I am mad. If we can’t keep laughing at the same joke, why does Nigeria keep crying for the same tragedy? Daily, herdsmen kill us and we just cry. Are we not mad?”

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