Police officer harassed a lady and her friends for discussing the #OccupyLekkiTollgate protest on a bus in Lagos (Video)

A Nigerian lady has taken to twitter to narrate how she was allegedly harassed by a police officer for discussing about the protest and how popular comedian, Mr. Macaroni and others were treated badly because they participated in a peaceful protest.

According to the lady, they were not actively involved in the protest, they were just discussing the on going issues on the bus and they were harassed.

The lady wrote in a series of tweets; “This happened today, a police officer said we were insulting him earlier this evening because we were talking about the protests and how @mrmacaronii and others have been treated badly by the @PoliceNG.

“We didn’t even realize he was on the same bus till my friend got down and he Held her and said we would have to come down and follow him to the station for just talking (since when did they take away our freedom of speech?) This man called other police officers standing at the Maryland busstop and they all came around to further harass us.

“He was going to break my phone so I stopped recording, nd we literally had 2 apologize for talking. In Nigeria, we had to apologize for just talking about the #EndSARS and #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria protest, we were not even actively involved o. May God strengthen all Nigerians.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mention earlier that the bystanders were actually the ones who started begging all the police officers on our behalf and also stopped them from taking the 3 of us to the cell tonight. Also they were more than 10 officers there..he wasn’t alone.”

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