“I’m so messed up right now” Kim cries out over execution of Brandon Bernard “Our justice system is is so fucked up”

Kim Kardashian has openly stated her displeasure in the American Justice System. The celebrity who made it known to the world last year that she is studying to become a lawyer has been very active in fighting for freedom for innocent and reformed convicts.

Her latest case was that of Brandon Bernard, who despite series of posts and awareness to save his life was executed on Thursdays for his involvement in the 1999 murder of Couple Todd and Stacie Bagley.

Bernard was only 18 years old in 1999, when he and his co-conspirators robbed and abducted Todd and Stacie Bagley, two youth minsters. The couple was then locked in the boot of their cat when Bernard’s accomplice, Christopher Viola, shot both victims in head which killed Told instantly. Bernard set the fire to the boot.

Christopher Viola was executed for his role in the murder in September.

The prosecutors told the jury that Stacie died as a result of the fire Bernard started and they asked the jury to give Bernard the death penalty for that reason. But recently, an independent medical examiner hired by the defense determined that Stacie was already “medically dead” before the fire.

Kim has been very active in this case since she got to know about it. According to the version she shared online, Brandon was not part of the carjacking that took place and was shocked when the robbery turned into an homicide. Brandon only set the car on fire because the other accomplice had a gun in his hand.

Kim also shared details of her last phone call conversation with Brandon. It was emotional, she only got to find out that Brandon was claustrophobic and been given sedative to calm him down before his execution. They couldn’t say goodbye but the said “talk to you soon”, they wanted to be hopeful that they’ll talk again.

Bernard Brandon’s Last words were directed to Bradley’s family. He said; “I’m sorry. That’s the only words that I can say that completely capture how I feel now and how I felt that day”

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