Deborah Okezie calls out pastor Suleman for calling her a liar

Deborah Okezie, the mother of the deeper life student who was molested has reacted to Pastor Suleman calling her a liar.

Deborah okezie made a video yesterday complaining that she was being threatened by Reno Omokri and members of the Deeper Life Church.

Due to the ongoing investigation and her son’s case in court, she was asked not to discuss anything about the issue on social media. But according to her, she cannot keep quiet when her life is in danger.

However, Pastor Suleman does not believe her claims that Reno Omokri threatened her. He said “that’s not the Reno Omokri I know.”

Pastor Suleman tweeted; “Just saw a video of a lady saying Reno Omokri called her for accusing deeper life church and threatened her life…that’s not the Reno Omokri I know…I am not surprised. Many people thrive in blackmail so anything should be expected. I know the pains of a mother but to add lies is evil.”

Then don’t Davis mum replied;“Pastor Suleman don’t ever in your life call me a liar again! I’d your wife lies that’s her! Reno called me with 0000. Be very careful what u say to me else I will give it back to u 100 percent.”

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