Australia welcomes new year with stunning fireworks

While so many countries are still in 2020, there are some countries that are ready in the new year (2021). Some of these countries are Samoa, New Zealand, Australia…

Australia is among the first countries to reach 2021. They welcomed the new year with a stunning Sydney firework display hailed as a ‘beacon of hope’ for the New Year.

Crowds have been banned from gathering at the harbour – which usually sees around a million people pack in to watch the show.

Last year the fireworks were also almost cancelled due to the deadly spread of wildfires across thousands of miles.

Ahead of the main show, a message reading ‘stay covid safe’ was projected onto a pylon.

Earlier New Zealand entered the New Year with a firework display in Auckland.

Crowds gathered at the waterfront to watch the show as the country entered 2021

New Zealand 2021 fireworks

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