A young Nigerian lady commits suicide after struggles with depression

A young Nigerian lady with facebook username, Rubygold Olamide has taken her own life after struggles with depression.

She frequently documented her struggles by writing poem on facebook. In some of her poems, she hinted that the cause of her depression is the too much expectation from her parents.

She said in one of her poems“Help me tell mama, especially

“Help me tell her that her words of anger are taking their toils over a shattered life”

In the last poem she posted on her facebook page, she wrote that death is knocking

In other post, she mentioned that she actually asked for help.

After series of post and people reaching out to help, someone who claimed to be her sister confirmed that she had passed on.

To my lovely readers, you never can tell what anyone is going through, the person might be your close friend, wife, husband, daughter, son, parents. We should be mindful of things we say.

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